Letter from the GSF Presidents (by Mandi Martinez and Lucia Lykke)

PresbiansIt has been a pleasure serving the Graduate Student Forum as your presidents this year! Thank you to all the officers of the GSF for your help and service to our department (and to Junie the pit bull, pictured here, for her constant emotional support to both of us). We collectively made it through an endless winter and a brief, but challenging, period while the dying fridge made the entire fourth floor smell like rancid cheese. Fortunately, we all met these challenges with fortitude, and the GSF was able to make some exciting strides this year.

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Letter from the GSF Presidents: Denae Johnson and Joe Waggle

GSF Presidents Denae Johnson and Joe Waggle

GSF Presidents Denae Johnson and Joe Waggle

First of all, let us say how proud we are to have served the GSF as co-presidents this past year. We are humbled to have served as the GSF’s first Black woman/ gay man leadership team. Probably. We don’t know, that’s not really something the GSF keeps track of.  Regardless, we’re currently in talks with the Bravo network to parlay our administration into a reality show. While we wait to hear back from the network, though, we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some of the things the GSF has accomplished this year. Despite our failure to enact legislation that would mete our swift punishment for people who misuse the word “literally” (our now-infamous Lohan’s Law), we have nonetheless made some great strides during our short tenure leading the GSF.

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A Letter from GSF 2011-2012 Co-Presidents Lori Reeder & Sarah Wanenchak

This past year, the actions of the Graduate Student Forum may not have been as visible as in years past, but we’ve been busy! Along with our ordinary run of tasks and responsibilities, the GSF has focused on three main things over the course of this year.

First, we are working to implement an informal, advanced graduate student pro-seminar. The goal of this advanced pro-seminar is to meet the more specialized set of professional needs that graduate students find themselves facing as they reach the end of their coursework and transition into comps and writing a dissertation, to answer questions and provide a space in which students can discuss issues freely. Our first advanced pro-seminar will focus on social networking at conferences, as many of us will be attending the American Sociological Association meetings in 2012.

Second, we are working to improve the C.W. Mills space. By the time the fall semester starts, we hope to have a new, bigger refrigerator in the C.W. Mills lounge. We have also added some additional lighting and furniture, as well as some new art kindly donated by Sharon Edens.

Finally, Sarah and Lori have been serving on the Dean’s Graduate Student Advisory Committee. The purpose of this committee is to serve as the voice of graduate students in BSOS and to work directly with the Dean to address student concerns, initiatives, and interests and to build relationships across departments and disciplines within BSOS. DGSAC has begun dealing with some important issues and exciting projects, and is set to be an important and valuable resource for graduate students all across BSOS.

We would like to thank all students, faculty, and staff who contributed to the functions of the GSF. It has been wonderful working with all of you.

Lori & Sarah | GSF Co-Presidents

Lori & Sarah are third year PhD students.