Graduate Students and Our Furry Friends

Junie_dogLucia Lykke:
This is Junie, a rescue pit bull who thinks she is a lap dog. As you can see from her graduation hat, Junie is a scholar and enjoys having study dates with me at home. When she’s not reading feminist theory, Junie can usually be found flopped on her back, begging for belly rubs.



Meg Austin Smith:
This is Batman, our kitty, visiting our housemate’s computer.



Nathan Jurgenson:
Sociologists should aspire to be at least half as curious about the world as Empress Josephine.


Nicole DeLoatch:Ruby
I have three amazing fur babies: Gizmo is a long haired Chihuahua who loves his cat sisters. Ruby is the boss! She is an excellent hunter that knows just the right time to run out of the door, so that no one can catch her to stop her delinquent charades.  Autumn is the Gizmo(1)female version of Garfield. She loves to eat, and so incredibly sweet. They all help me get through long nights of reading and writing by laying directly on top of my laptop, chewing my papers, and deciding that my lap is the best place to lay down (especially when I have a great thought that needs to be articulated immediately).


Marek Posard: Here is a picture of my cat, Cali. For some reason, she is particularly fond of lying on Social Psychology Quarterly articles. As for the backstory, fellow grad student Amy Baxter found her as a kitten outside graduate hills during a big snow storm some years back. Both Amy and I are social psychologists- maybe that is why Cali sleeps  on my SPQ articles.

Teddy blanket bedJoanna Pepin:
Teddy is a 13 year old Toy Poodle. I’m not sure he helps me with graduate school so much, but he sure is happy that I’m at home reading a lot. While he has lots of quirky habits, my favorite habit of his is his insistence on wiping his feet on the front door rug when he comes in from outside.


Anya Galli:
Frankie is our 7-pound mini dachshund. When I work from home, she disrupts her daily schedule of marathon napping to keep my lap warm. Frankie enjoys riding with the car windows down, yoga, hiking, and watching her humans cook dinner.



Mark Gross:
Baxter the dog shows the leisure class how it’s done.



Sarah Wanenchak:
Sadie (bottom/left) and Evel (top/right). Sadie loves snuggling with absolutely everyone and the top of her head is the flattest ever. Evel is very bad and hungry and loud. They are best friends, obviously.


Bill Yagatich:
This is Drifter and Tiny.  They have been a large part of my staying sane while in grad school!  They give me a reason to go outside every once and a while and enjoy some fresh air.  Plus, they’re pretty cute!