Grad Student Spotlight: Lori Reeder and Valerie Chepp

This semester, we’re profiling two of our graduate students who have done the seemingly impossible: finished the program and moved on to amazing careers! Join us as we pick the brains of Lori Reeder and Valerie Chepp about academic training, the job market, and what they most look forward to AG (after grad school).

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Stress Baking with SOCY Grad Students

We all know how hungry a long grading session or marathon lit review compilation can make us. To that purpose, four of our graduate students share their favorite recipes for comfort foods. 

After the jump: Southwest Baked Ziti from Lori Reeder, Macaroni and Cheese from Denae Johnson, Cranberry Streusel Pie from Jenelle Clark, and Whole Lemon Bars from Anya Galli  Continue reading