Congratulations to Our Spring 2014 Graduates!

Please join us in congratulating the graduate students who have reached important milestones in their studies this semester!

Master’s Degrees

  • Wendy M. Laybourn
  • Kristin Kerns
  • Bryant Best
  • Joanna R. Pepin
  • Joey Brown
  • Esha Chatterjee
  • Jonathan M. Cox
  • Hsiang-Yuan Ho
  • Jaein Lee
  • Jessica E. Pena
  • Shengwei Sun
  • Jingyuan Xie


  • Valerie Chepp, Speaking Truth to Power: Spoken Word Poetry as Political Engagement Among Young Adults in the Millennial Age.
  • Jillet Sam, Place and Caste Identification: Distanciation and Spatial Imaginaries on a Caste-Based Social Network.
  • Molly Clever, The More Things Stay the Same: Colonization, Resistance, and the Fractured Sovereign State.

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