Letter from the Editors (Anya M. Galli and Joseph Waggle)

Anya, pictured here with our staff of copy editors

Anya, pictured here with our staff of copy editors

The Fall 2013 semester has been an eventful one for the Sociology Department at the University of Maryland. Anya is returning as the editor of your newsletter, and this semester she has welcomed aboard Joe Waggle as her partner in crime. The timing couldn’t be better, because this edition of the newsletter is one of our biggest yet. With the arrival of new students, the development of new research centers, the wealth of events and lectures the semester, and the exciting work of our faculty, students, and alums, there’s a lot to cover. We hope this newsletter provides a snapshot of our department as we move into a new semester.

Joe, in a pre-publication layout meeting.

Many thanks go to our all of our contributors, without whom we’d have no choice but to publish 40 pages of kitten photos. In this issue, look for advice from our faculty on productivity and the creative process, a summary of Annette Lareau’s talk at the annual Rosenberg Forum, and the exciting results of a highly empirical analysis of famous sociologists and their celebrity doppelgangers. This issue also includes profiles of the incoming gradate student cohort, new staff member Gaye Bugenhagen, 2008 alum Wendy Wang, current grad student Dave Paul Strohecker, and current undergrad Victoria Marie Ortiz. Look for information about five of our department’s research centers, as well as a letter from Jeff Lucas, who is filling the new Director of Research Position.

This year, our department lost an exceptional friend, mentor and colleague with the passing of Suzanne Bianchi. The warm response to our request for contributions in her memory is evidence of the lasting impression she has left on our community. She will be greatly missed.

Warmest wishes for the New Year,

Anya Galli & Joseph Waggle

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