Undergraduate Spotlights: Maegan Zielinski & Tuesday Barnes

This semester two outstanding Senior Sociology majors—Maegan  Zielinski and Tuesday Barnes— were nominated by their professors for the undergraduate spotlight. Maegan and Tuesday interviewed each other for the undergraduate spotlight.


Maegan Zielinski, class of 2013


Tuesday Barnes, class of 2013


Meagan Zielinski, Bel Air MD

  • Concentration: Social Psychology
  • Siblings: Step-brother and one biological sister
  • What made you interested in Sociology? Originally was a psychology major and then wanted greater flexibility thus decided to change over to social psychology.
  • Plans for after graduation? Wants to teach social psychology to high school students.
  • Greatest Fear? not seeing the word enough, I want to travel and see things and I feel like if I’m older I don’t want to feel like I never got to travel
  • Favorite Animal? Giraffe (over spring break she went to Texas to see giraffes)
  • First Job? Burger King
  • What do you like to do for fun? I love to shop and do artsy things (like scrapbooking), go to the movies, and travel.
  • Where have you travelled? Paris, Venice,  and the Caribbean (Haiti and Jamaica)
  • Favorite Food? Mexican and Sushi
  • Favorite TV shows? Scandal, Breaking Bad, the Walking Dead, Game of Thrones
  • Who gives you your motivation? My parents because I always want to make them proud. My mom is my best friend
  • Favorite Place? Paris
  • Favorite Dance Move? The one that doesn’t embarrass me
  • Mac or PC? Pc
  • Justin Timberlake or Bieber? Timberlake
  • If you could have any super power what would it be?  Mind reading
  • If you could be any part of the car what would you be?  Steering wheel because I like to know where I’m going, but I could also be the radio because you have to know how to have some fun

 Tuesday Barnes, Baltimore MD

  • Concentration: Stratification
  • Minor: Spanish Language and Culture
  • Siblings: One older brother
  • What made you interested in Sociology? Took one class in Freshman year and loved the class that she decided to declare it.
  • What will you do after graduation? Going to graduate school in the PhD program for Sociology at UMD- wants to work in theory and research.
  • Greatest fear? Having regrets, especially love.
  • What’s your favorite animal? Worms WHY!? They’re really fascinating they breathe through their skin!
  • First job? Victoria’s Secret
  • What do you do when you’re not doing Sociology? Spoken word poetry, Dancing and Traveling
  • Where have you travelled to? Spain (Madrid), France (Paris), London, Prague, Rome, Marrakesh, Morocco
  • Favorite Food? Seafood and Pasta, but when its together it’s the best.
  • Favorite TV Show? Scandal
  • Who gives you your motivation? Family, and my mom. She’s just a really great person, she’s always been there for me and puts herself second, she’s very selfless.
  • Favorite place? Anywhere around people I love.
  • Favorite Dance Move? Whatever I feel I just do it!
  • MAC or PC? MAC
  • Justin Timberlake or Justin Bieber? Justin Timberlake!
  • If you could have any super power what would it be? I wish I could think things into existence.
  • If you could be any part of the car what would you be? The rearview mirror, it’s essential but it’s not seen as important as other parts, but without it, the car wouldn’t function.

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