Letter from the Editresses by Beverly M. Pratt & Meg Austin Smith

With this issue, we bid adieu to our position as editresses – for real this time – and we do so with much gratitude to all of you in our UMD sociology community. You’ve made the newsletter possible with your contributions, encouragement, and generous doses of humor. A big THANK YOU to everyone. But if we may, we’d like to extend an even bigger thank you to someone who has made connecting the UMD community – and the newsletter as one effort toward that – a priority on top of goodness-knows-how-many-more responsibilities. That someone is Dr. Reeve Vanneman, our out-going chair and the newsletter’s greatest supporter.

In this issue, spotlights are on our newest staff member – Erika Hoff, our new faculty member and alumnus – Phil Cohen, Bill Form speaker and alumnus – David Cotter, doctoral candidate – Alice Nixon Thompson, junior undergraduate – Nate James, and Professor Emeriti Mady Segal and Professor David Segal (a.k.a. “Your Excellency” (you’ll have to read to find out)). We also read about the second consecutive annual successes for both the Theorizing the Web conference and the Teaching Support Group. Along with A LOT more!

We cherish that our editress-ship has allowed us to be in closer conversation with each of you. These downright good conversations will continue with Anya Galli as the incoming editress and Dr. Patricio Korzeniewicz as the incoming chair. Best wishes to all here at the close of the 2011-12 academic year. And again, THANK YOU.

Happy summer … Bev & Meg.


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