Letter From The Editresses: Beverly M. Pratt & Meg Austin Smith

Welcome to Volume 6, Issue 1!  Honoring previous editions, the Imagine theme continues, making both Kathryn Buford and C. Wright Mills proud.

We wrote in the previous edition’s letter that we were both retiring as newsletter editresses. Well, in the words of Borat Sagdiyev – and most 5th graders circa 1990 – NOT!

As most of you have seen, hard copies of our newsletter now exist in magazine form!  Perhaps we should start calling this a “magazine,” eh?  Watch out world, UMD’s Sociology Newsletter is going viral!  Several copies have been distributed to alumni, visiting faculty, deans, guests, etc.  If you haven’t seen the magazine, please stop by the front office.  Also, HUGE thanks to both Dr. Reeve Vanneman (Chair) and Hilary Gossett (Administrative Coordinator) for advocating and working to print this work!

As usual, this edition begins with a letter from the chair. We also have an interview with 2011 Rosenberg lecturer Randall Collins, as well as a response to Collins’ lecture by Lester Andrist. We have updates on some of the semester’s significant goings-on, including UMD sociology research on the cover of TIME magazine, the development of the Center for Society and the Environment, introductions to new faculty, and insights into the 2011-2012 graduate student cohort.

Our spotlights focus on Mini Rajan (Business Coordinator/Manager), Sonalde Desai (Professor), Elliott Eig (undergraduate), and comprehensive examinees of the recent past, present, and future (graduate students). So read on …

And on top of it all, we have breaking news!  UMD Sociology’s very own Sociological Cinema has been named Norton Sociology’s Featured Sociologists for the month of December!

In addition, we have the first installment of what we hope will become a regular feature: reflections from graduate students using sociology outside of our department’s walls.  Bryan Clift, a PhD student in Physical Cultural Studies, shares his reflections with us.  Next semester Laura Yee, a PhD student in Education, will contribute.  So read on …

As always, our sincere thanks go out to everyone who contributed to this issue.  We enjoyed collecting submissions, interacting with our peers and professors, and working with each other while putting this edition together.  We make a pretty good team!

Happy Holidays to each of you!  In the throes of winter weather and holiday chaos, snuggle up with eggnog, candy canes, and the contributions of our colleagues in our department magazine:  Imagine.

Happy New Year … Bev Pratt, bpratt@umd.edu & Meg Austin Smith, mras@umd.edu.

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