Thank You Graduate Student Forum (GSF), Fall 2010-Spring 2011

As my brief tenure as GSF president draws to a close, I’d like to thank and extend my sincere appreciation to the many graduate students, faculty and staff members who have contributed to GSF operations this year. I think we had a great and productive year, and it has all been due to the effort and teamwork of the GSF membership.  Thank you again and have a great summer! – Kathleen

Administration Team
Kathleen Denny, President
Lori Reeder, Treasurer

Community Building Team
Meg Austin Smith & Beverly Pratt, Department News
PJ Rey, C. Wright Mills Rep
Mandi Martinez & Daniel Swann, Social Chairs

Representative Team
Joanna Kling, Pre-candidacy Rep
Mary Kniskern, PhD Rep
Kendra Barber, Valerie Chepp, Tyler Crabb, Crosby Hipes, Marek Posard, Dave Strohecker, General GSF Reps
Aleia Clarke, UMD Graduate Student Government Rep

Committee Representatives               
Meg Austin Smith & Molly Clever, Admissions Reps
Anya Galli, Policy Committee Rep
Kathleen Denny, Awards Committee Rep
Joanna Kling, Undergraduate Committee Rep

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