Letter from the Editresses: Beverly Pratt & Meg Austin Smith

Letter From the Editresses

Welcome to Volume 5, Issues 3 & 4!  Only a couple more weeks exist in the semester.  A class or two, a few exams, and graduation ceremonies are all that await.  Whew!

Once again, and maybe for the last time, the theme of “Imagine” continues.  This is the last edition for both of us as the department newsletter editresses.  We have both had a fun time being your “news representatives” (Meg this past year and Bev for the past two years).  Thank you for all of your feedback!  That said, next year’s news representatives have yet to be filled; so – graduate students comrades – please volunteer for this position.  The graduate student body needs you!  Feel free to email us if you have any questions about responsibilities.

As we’ve transitioned the newsletter from a PDF to both a blog and a newsmag, we have some great news!  The department will be printing a few copies of this edition – and hopefully future editions – in a magazine form!  Copies will be provided at lecture series events and to visiting faculty, deans, etc.  Much thanks to our department chair for making this happen!  Also, from now on the Graduate Student Forum (GSF) will provide one newsletter per semester rather than two.

This edition begins with a note from our chair – Dr. Reeve Vanneman.  Also, we celebrate the many new faces in our department – from new staff to faculty – with several articles focusing on these recent additions to our community (five, to be exact).  In addition, Dr. Michelle Corbin reflects on her experience in achieving the Woman’s Studies Certificate while a student in our department, we catch up with Dr. Rashawn Ray’s whereabouts, undergraduate student Rebecca Lakew shares with us her sociological pursuits, a handful of professors give advice on how to transition conference papers to publications, and a few graduate students tell us of recent “happy” events in their day-to-day lives.  Finally, a recap of the Theorizing the Web Conference is provided, we celebrate our peers graduating this Spring, and the GSF’s president – Kathleen Denny – reflects on the past year.  And we end with some great news regarding department hires!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this final edition for Academic Year 2010-2011.  Moreover, sincere gratitude goes to each faculty, student, and staff for a memorable and meaningful year!  Please enjoy the contributions of our colleagues and feel free to contact us with any comments and/or suggestions that you may have.

Beverly Pratt, bpratt@umd.edu
Meg Austin Smith, maustin@umd.edu

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