The New Fall 2010 – Spring 2011 Graduate Student Forum

Administration Team

President:  Kathleen Denny

Treasurer:  Lori Reeder

Community Building Team

Department News:   Beverly Pratt & Meg Austin Smith

C. Wright Mills Reps:  PJ Rey

Social Chairs:  Mandi Martinez & Danny Swann

Representative Team

Pre-candidacy Rep:  Joanna Kling

PhD Rep:  Mary Kniskern

General GSF Reps:  Kendra Barber, Valerie Chepp, Tyler Crabb, Crosby Hipes, Marek Posard,

Dave Strohecker

UMD Graduate Student Government Rep:  Aleia Clarke

Committee Representatives

Admissions Reps:  Molly Clever & Meg Austin Smith

Policy Committee Rep:  Anya Galli

Awards Committee Rep:  Kathleen Denny

Undergraduate Committee Rep:  Joanna Kling

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