Staff Spotlight: Nakul Sharma (written by Sarah Wanenchak)

Although his job as our intrepid office GA keeps him pretty busy, Nakul Sharma graciously agreed to sit down with me and answer some questions about the work he does, both for us here in the department and in the university at large.

One of Nakul’s responsibilities is to provide IT support for the entire department, including all lounges, labs, offices, and the main office as well. Not content with this considerable undertaking, he also works as a general office assistant under Gerry Todd, maintaining adequate office supplies of all kinds, and refilling orders when it’s deemed appropriate. Finally, he now maintains the department website and keeps it up to date.

Originally from India, Nakul says that this is his first real experience of an American office environment, and he is enjoying it very much. He says that one of his favorite parts of the job is the supportive and friendly atmosphere of the department, and how welcoming everyone has
been to him. He is also enjoying the technical side of his job a great deal, and says that it provides him with valuable experience and training for the field he eventually wants to enter: the investment banking sector. Nakul is in his second semester of a Master’s program in Information Management, and he hopes to use this training in a position as a liaison between the technical and business sides of the arena of investment banking.

One valuable challenge that Nakul says he has encountered in his GA work is in learning how to identify immediate priorities in the juggling of different tasks and different responsibilities, especially when it may not be clear which is the best path to take. Although this can be
difficult to negotiate at times, he feels that he is settling in nicely, and that this skill will also serve him very well as he prepares to pursue his chosen career.

As Nakul looks ahead to the rest of the semester and the academic year, he expresses gratification at the assistance and support he’s received from his colleagues, and the students and faculty in the department. He says that he looks forward to working hard and keeping up the levels of both his academic and his professional progress.

Sarah is a 2nd year PhD student.

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