I Know What You Did Last Summer


Going to Egypt has always been something I’ve wanted to do. In fact, I had dreams of being an egyptologist and even took a summer class at Brown University when I was in high school. Obviously I’ve picked another career path but my desire to visit Egypt never went away. When I found out about a professor who leads a study tour every summer I thought “why not?” So off to Egypt I went for a two week adventure and it was amazing! Pictures and video of the temples and pyramids simply do not do them justice. I got to cruise up the Nile, ride a camel (super scary!), and go inside the great pyramid. I couldn’t have imagined how amazing Egypt would be…or how great it would feel to cross off the number one goal on my bucket list.








This summer, the UMD Sociology Department offered an undergraduate summer ethnography course, taught by graduate student Valerie Chepp.  Students in the course learned how to design and execute, from its inception, their very own original ethnographic research projects, including conceptualization of methodological design, gaining access to a field site, recruiting interview participants, interviewing, transcribing, maintaining field notes, conducting analysis, and writing a final report.  At the end of the summer, the ethnographers presented their research at an intra-departmental roundtable discussion in front of a small group of faculty and grad students.  Many thanks to the department for supporting this course and congrats to these UMD undergrads for the very fine work they accomplished this summer! Participating students included Lena Bottenfield, Welton Logan, and Andrew Payne.


I attended an NSF-sponsored summer retreat for the “Consortium for the Science of Socio-Technical Systems” held in the mountains outside of Portland. I brought a Sociological and Theoretical perspective and got a chance to do some hiking, where I snapped this picture:

DC Caribbean Fest was a blast, and ran through my neighborhood in DC. I took some pictures:

All of the pictures are here: http://picasaweb.google.com/nathanjurgenson/DCCarnival2010?feat=directlink

During ASA in Atlanta, PJ Rey, Dave Strohecker and I attended Living Walls, which was an alternative conference held in the evening in a couple of warehouses. There were world-renowned street artists, bands, and lectures. I took some pictures:


I have received the Policy Communications Fellowship for the year 2010-2011 from the Population Reference Bureau (www.prb.org), Washington DC and we had the opening workshop over the summer. This is a photo taken at DC with the other Fellows from different countries.


Rob and Sarah Wanenchak (nee Phipps) tie the knot on June 12th in Philadelphia.














The Lost Coast, northern California’s still-pristine coastline, taken on Rob and Sarah’s honeymoon in late June. Find more on their travel blog at solongsohigh.wordpress.com.


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