Letter from the Editress by Beverly Pratt

Letter From the Editress

Welcome to Volume 4, Issue 4!  We are just a couple of graduation ceremonies away from the official end of the semester.  Does anyone else think that Spring 2010 was the longest semester ever?  Perhaps this is because of the snowstorms.  Or the deadlines.  Or the conferences.  Either way, cheers to the end of another semester (and all of its accomplishments)!

This newsletter edition is chock full of graduate student contributions reflecting our tumultuous semester.  Once again, the theme of “Imagine” continues.  As you will read, our contributors excellently weave together their sociological imaginations to share with everyone in our department community.

This edition begins with a goodbye: Heather Marsh and Nathan Jurgenson’s reflections as the Graduate Student Forum’s co-presidents.  Other student peers contributed pieces on stimulating events and projects in which they attended and/or are involved.  Two graduate students reflect on the identity-balance as both “graduate student” and “parent.”  Also, five individuals are spotlighted, including:  graduate coordinator Katrina Knudsen, undergraduate student Lena Bottenfield, graduate student Michelle Sandhoff, faculty Dr. George Ritzer, and alumnus Dr. Philip Cohen.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this final edition for Academic Year 2009-2010.  Special thanks, again, to Kathryn Buford for revitalizing our department newsletter last semester.

Moreover, sincere gratitude goes to each faculty, student, and staff for a memorable and meaningful year!

Please enjoy the contributions of our colleagues and feel free to contact me with any comments and/or suggestions that you may have.


Beverly Pratt, Editress, bpratt@socy.umd.edu

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