Letter from the Editress (written by Beverly Pratt)

Letter From the Editress

Welcome to Volume 4, Issue 3!  Though this semester is nearly halfway through, it has proven to be quite productive and eventful.  Snowmagedden 2010 – or whatever name you choose to give it – inspired much creativity and efficiency within our sociological community.  Many of the pieces within this newsletter are consequences of our snow-day adventures.

Continuing with the theme of “Imagine,” the newsletter begins and ends with pieces intending to inspire our sociological imaginations – including a piece on academic blogging, a piece from a graduate student’s professional blog, and professors’ book recommendations.  Coinciding with this, graduate students provide second-year paper and summer internship advice.  Five individuals are spotlighted, including:  administrative coordinator Laurie Brown, undergraduate student Justin Young, graduate student Kendra Barber, faculty Dr. Kris Marsh, and alumnus Dr. Tallese Johnson.

Also in this edition are updates on graduate program requirement modifications and the C.W. Mills Graduate Library and Lounge renewal project.

Much gratitude goes to Kathryn Buford (last semester’s editress) and Miriam Moore (last semester’s newsletter designer); these women put together an elegant newsletter in which I’ve been able to replicate quite easily based on their instructions.  Additional thanks go to Nathan Jurgenson and PJ Rey who assisted my design layout learning curve.

Please enjoy the contributions of our colleagues and feel free to contact me with any comments and/or suggestions that you may have.

Beverly Pratt


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