C. Wright Mill’s Receives a Facelift (written by Marek Posard)

As the new GSF C. Wright Mill’s Lounge representative, I am happy to announce recent improvements to our department’s communal space. The project was planned with two goals in mind. First, the lounge would become an aesthetically inviting space that promotes department discourse, professionalism, and community. Second, the space would possess the flexibility to change with the needs of our department. Major renovations were completed in January 2010 with the goal of having lounge décor plans completed by May 2010.  To date, the project is under budget and ahead of schedule.

The first stage of the project consisted of removing the wall-mounted shelving units, re-painting the walls, and cleaning the space. With the help of numerous doctoral students, these major renovations were completed by the beginning of the spring semester. Specifically regarding this phase, a special thank you goes to Beverly Pratt for coordinating; Dr. Lengermann, Nathan Jurgenson, and PJ Rey for de-shelving; and Molly Clever, Crosby Hipes, Joanna Kling, Lori Reeder, and Joe Waggle for painting.

After we removed the shelves and cleaned the space, GSF purchased discounted furniture from Terrapin Trader – the University of Maryland surplus property operation.  Specifically, GSF purchased a large study table and a kitchen storage unit.  Gerry Todd graciously donated four matching chairs for our study table too.

In addition, we are in the process of installing a second computer workstation, a television, and a PlayStation 2 with the capability to read DVD discs.  Lastly, tentative plans are in place to install a new, full-sized refrigerator.  I am also working on forging a relationship with the Department of Art so their undergraduate students can display their artwork in our lounge each semester.

These are only a few small steps towards the end goal of creating a more inviting and professional lounge. I look forward to hearing your input as we move forward in transforming the C. Wright Mills lounge together!

Marek Posard is a first year PhD student.


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