Faculty Spotlight

Given the upcoming break (YAY!) we asked some professors the following question:

What would be the ideal break for you? How would you make the most of the break if time, money or publishing was not an issue?

Here is what Melissa Milke and Jeff Lucas had to share:

Melissa Milkie…

I do love “winter break,” for the space it makes to be able to focus on a project.

If time, money or publishing were not an issue….Does this mean I’m not a professor? Hmmm. I’d love to travel….to revisit places I’ve been long ago (such as Heidelberg, Germany, Toledo, Spain, Finale Ligure in Italy) and (how much time do I have? maybe 2-3 years? because this is really fun)…um….I would want to go to whole continents I’ve never been to. It also would be neat to spend the time embracing something totally different from sociology, like learning more about wine, modern art, guitar, etc. And I’d want to finish my novel, “Male Adaption.” Finally, I’d like to initiate new projects with the directors of “Little Friends for Peace” a local non-profit that I’ve worked with.

Visit http://www.lffp.org/ for more information about the organization.

Jeff Lucas…

The perfect break for me would first involve Iowa’s football team winning a BCS bowl.

Beyond that, ideal would be lots of time with my kids, chunks of time that I can dedicate to writing, and a chance to see family who live outside the area. If money and publishing were not an issue, I imagine my ideal break would look more or less the same, with perhaps a few days for a ski trip thrown in.

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